Let’s get personal!

Your AD:VENTURE advisor will be your guide through your business journey, and will help you to navigate the myriad of options available so you can choose the right path to growth for your business.

It’s about who you know

The biggest advantage of having your own advisor is having someone on your side that’s in the know. One of the most common problems cited by new and growing businesses is that it’s difficult to understand the complex landscape of business support and to know where to go. Your advisor is your navigator. They have the connections and knowledge to send you in the right direction. Would you set off across the globe without a map? Business is a journey and having a trusted navigator at your side will save you time and resources you can’t afford to waste.

The practical stuff

Once you are registered and accepted onto the programme, you’ll have an initial diagnostic meeting with your advisor, who will discuss your business and your needs. They’ll talk you through the options available to you on the AD:VENTURE programme, and will work with you to set a realistic action plan to overcome any challenges you’ve identified and capitalise fully on opportunities available.