Here we answer some commonly asked questions - If we haven't answered yours, get in touch via email or telephone and we will do our best to help.


Here we answer some commonly asked questions - If we haven't answered yours, get in touch via email or telephone and we will do our best to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a programme of practical business support for growth businesses in West Yorkshire

It is extremely challenging starting and growing a business, so AD:VENTURE was created to help our start-ups to access practical advice and support to help them build and grow their business.

We can help you with all the areas you aren't an expert in.

Is all the support free? Yes! It’s free to our clients, because all the support is fully funded by our brilliant partners.

AD:VENTURE Business Manager: The programme will provide access to a dedicated business manager who can guide you through your start up and growth journey offering practical advice, connections, be that vital critical friend and help new business owners to understand the myriad of options available to them. They can also offer insights into what funding and finance is available locally and nationally.

Workshops, Webinars and Networking: A range of events and workshops on key growth topics and skills such as marketing, branding, customer journey, strategy, planning and sales, as well as network building opportunities, connections, peer-to-peer sessions, and inspirational events.

The AD:VENTURE Growth Grant: This grant is available between £1,500 - £10,000 to support growing companies with their capital expenditure for growth projects. Growth grants are match funded (Meaning the business must match the contribution and have the funding in place to claim it back after the project expenditure is made)

Business Enterprise Fund Loans: The Business Enterprise fund are also partners and can offer a variety of loans for start-up and growth, with start-up loans available for new businesses at a competitive rate of 6%.

The Prince’s Trust: For younger entrepreneurs, we work alongside partners The Princes Trust, who deliver exploring enterprise courses to help young people 18 to 30 to decide if starting a business is right for them and giving them the skills and support to start a business. The main programme eligibility criteria does not apply to Prince’s Trust clients. We will work with The Prince’s Trust to help the young entrepreneurs build capacity and the guide them to the right support for them to continue building and growing the business.

AD:VENTURE will support business who are already trading and who want to build the team and expand. Start Up West Yorkshire supports pre-starts, and individuals who want to create their own income through self-employment. We recognise the needs and challenges for both can be different and the two programmes are tailored to suit the clients they are working with.

Many of our AD:VENTURE clients will have started their pre-start journey with Start Up West Yorkshire. The aim of these services is to have suitable support in place for each phase of the business’s growth. The Start Up Managers are the 1st stage of support, and will work closely with the AD:VENTURE Business Manager and will refer clients onto the next step when appropriate. Ideally you would not be working with both at the same time, AD:VENTURE is the 2nd stage of support, and you would work through as the business evolves.

The next phase once you pass the three years and we have taught you all we can, would be to go onto support through and SME growth manager. This is the 3rd stage of the businesses support journey. The SME growth managers are also based in Local Authority areas and work with all businesses across their geography that need help with their growth strategy.

The growth grant is available for businesses registered onto AD:VENTURE. You should discuss suitability with your business manager, and they will advise whether it is suitable to support your project.

It means you need to have the money for your project in the business and we will match that with 50%. When you apply for a grant, this can be for up to 50% of that project cost (Up to £10,000) So if you were spending £15,000 on some new production equipment, once you’ve made the purchase, you can then claim back 50% or £7,500 with your grant.

No. You cannot claim grant funding retrospectively and must always have your grant funding agreement in place before making any spend that would relate to your grant.

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